Praise from clients

I had the pleasure of experiencing a session with Hyun during a transition period in my life.  I was looking to make a major career change, take the next steps in a long term relationship with my boyfriend, and overall clarity on the year ahead. Hyun made me feel at home. She was warm, genuine, and soothing as she guided me through her methodology for our 60 minute session. It began with an opportunity for me to ask specific life questions, followed by an energy and face reading. I was astonished by the level of depth and accuracy conveyed without my verbal input. She gave me an understanding of my essence, my strengths, weakness, and what I should be focusing on for the year.  I felt a renewed sense of self by the end of our meeting.

Janet Thomson

Markeing Executive

Hyun Berglund is laser sharp, highly intuitive and extremely devoted. She’s given me the ability to navigate my business and life planning with clarity. She’s often the person I contact for guidance when everything seems to be crashing down around me. Her knowledge of Chinese Medicine and face reading has given me a better understanding of myself. I’ve already recommended Hyun to my closest friends and anyone who needs insight into making big decisions and changes to their well-being, career direction, and lifestyle.

Heather Curatolo

Founder, Paws on Pine

Hyun has an incredible ability to read people.  She is extremely talented at absorbing a wide variety of information about a person to figure out what makes you tick.  She can then provide very practical advice about how to navigate challenging and complex situations in your life, whether it’s business related, personal & family relationships, or even health.  Hyun’s insights have been incredibly insightful and instrumental to major decisions I have made.  I fully recommend her services without reservation.

Brian Goldberg

Founder, Mr. Bing

Hyun is a complete joy to work with! She is intuitive, accurate and really listens to your needs. She helped me through understanding how I can benefit from tuning in to the energy of the year I am in, and also take into consideration how my facial features play a vital part in how to shape the best life for me. It was a real eye-opener, and I felt confidant to express whichever feelings came up during our talks. I highly recommend Hyun! Especially if you, like me, have wondered about the true purpose of your inner and outer life. The pieces fit together for me now, and I am so grateful!”

Caroline Ekstrom

Sustainable Development & Communications Strategist